Careers at Leflair

We are always looking for friendly, talented people to join our team

At Leflair, we believe that:

Your career can only go as far as the company you are working for

That means that you should work for a company that is capable of extraordinary growth and can constantly offer new opportunities.

If you work with brilliant people, you will live brilliantly

Building a vibrant workplace where employees are pulling each others up is at the core of our culture.

High-performers don't need to be told what to do

We believe that responsible people thrive on freedom. At Leflair we are all about freedom and responsibility, and our people use it to create amazing things.

What we value

Be Curious!

We want to work with people capable of learning rapidly and eagerly, who seek to understand our strategy and our customers so they can contribute outside their specialty

Be bold in the face of adversity

Building a company from the ground up is often hard. At Leflair, we have the courage to always say what we think and make tough decisions while we constantly keep in mind that nothing worth having comes easy

Be a great communicator

Because almost everything can be solved through great communication, we always listen well to better understand while being concise and articulate even in stressful situations

Be impactful, innovate, but keep it simple!

We deeply value our time and want to accomplish a lot of important work fast. We constantly challenge assumptions to create new, useful ideas or discover practical solutions to problems but we always minimize complexity to allow action over slow decision processes

Be a great teammate first

Although we are a bunch of overachievers, we understand that it's teamwork that builds large and successful organizations. We make it a point to be consistent and reliable individuals within our teams and to always treat people with respect despite status or disagreement


Competitive Pay & employee Stock options

Because one great employee gets more done and costs less than thow adequate employees

Politics-free environment

We do not rank against other employees for promotions and career development as we are not competing with one another

Results over efforts

Results are more important than effort: People who work fewer hours but deliver more and valued more than those who work more but deliver less


Floor 1, Copac Square, 12 Ton Dan, District 4, HCMC


12 Tôn Đản, phường 13, Quận 4, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam